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RIGA Workshop
The main themes for the SKEMA Riga workshop were:

1. Optimization of maritime transport information management and the EU e-maritime initiative. 

2. Building a Knowledge Platform to support accelerated implementation of EU policies on maritime and port operations. 

Issues debated are of direct interest to participants in the maritime, logistics and ports industries; specifically the applications of efficient information and knowledge management systems to support : 

1. Maritime transport authorities to harmonise regulatory procedures and to obtain the required information for monitoring compliance with applicable regulations in the simplest possible way, and to exchange information with other authorities for collaboration in safety, security and environmental risk management. 

2. Transport service providers to provide information about their service offerings and exchange information electronically with all relevant actors through planning, executing and completing transport operations.


1. ‘Amending Directive 2002/59/EC to establish a Community vessel traffic monitoring and information system’, by Urban Hallberg - Maritime Transport Policy & Maritime Safety Unit, DGTREN
SRW1.1 Amending Directive 200259EC UrbanHallberg.pdf

2. ‘The Latvian SSN and development strategies for NSW’, by Edmunds Belinskis - Maritime Safety and Security officer , Latvian Coast Guard Service
SRW1.2 Latvian SSN and NSW EdmundsBelinskis.pdf

‘The EU e-Maritime initiative road map’, by Christos Pipitsoulis - Project Officer, Co-ordinator for e-Maritime, DGTREN
SRW2.1 e-Maritime C Pipitsoulis.pdf

4. ‘The IMO e-Navigation initiative’, by Dr. Nick Ward - Research Director for the GLAs - Vice Chairman of the IALA e-Navigation Committee
SRW2.2 e-Navigation NickWard.pdf 

5. ‘Research perspective on e-Maritime’ by Ørnulf Jan Rødseth - Research Director, MARINTEK
SRW2.3 e-Maritime research Ørnulf Jan Rødseth.pdf

6. ‘e-Tools in the context of e-Maritime’ by Jacob Kronbak - Associate Professor, Department of Maritime Research and Innovation, University of South Denmark
SRW2.4 e-Visualisation Tools_JacobKronbak.pdf

7. ‘PORTEL’s Views on e-Maritime’ by Óscar Díaz - Portel Servicios Telemáticos, S.A.
SRW2.5 Telematics in e-Maritime OscarDiaz.pdf

8. SRW2.6 Contribution by Herman de Meester (ECSA).pdf 

9. ‘The SKEMA Knowledge Platform as a strategic industry resource’ by Dr Takis Katsoulakos, INLECOM , SKEMA Project Manager
SRW3.1 The SKEMA Knowledge Platform T Katsoulakos.pdf

10. ‘The International Maritime Human Element Project’ by David Squire - Editor, www.he-alert.org
SRW3.2 ALERT Human Element DavidSquire.pdf

‘Safety-related Statistics – EQUASIS’ by Beatrice Comby - Marine Environment, Training & Statistics, European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

SRW3.3 EMSA Marirtime Statistics Béatrice Comby.pdf
Report & Presentations

Riga Workshop Final Agenda_11June2009.pdf


D4.3.1.2 RigaWorkshopReport

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