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SKEMA is a three year project funded by the European Commission - DGTREN under the Seventh Framework Programme. It is aimed at establishing a Sustainable Knowledge Platform for the use of stakeholders in the Maritime Transport & Logistics industry. 

The SKEMA Knowledge Platform is now online containing a Knowledge Base populated by project Studies and outputs from workshops and case studies addressing key challenges for the European maritime transport and logistics industry. The Studies are constructed to facilitate improved usability and accessibility of valuable results from previous projects, studies & publications.  

The SKEMA Studies adress specifically the topics  specified in the SKEMA Subject Index and the SKEMA  Policy Index.  

All members of the Maritime and Logistics community are invited to use and contribute to the development of the SKEMA Knowledge Platform aimed at:

·        facilitating the exchange of information amongst stakeholders in the European maritime transport and logistics industry, raising awareness of relevant research,  providing overview and detailed information on current technologies and best practices at European, regional and national levels; 

·        assisting in the recognition of obstacles that hinder the implementation of European policies and in proposing and assessing solutions; 

·        providing base material that will help in the formulation of advice on various policy initiatives, such as legislation, (including simplification), standardisation, research, networking and co-operation between administrations.


This web site is the sole responsibility of the SKEMA Consortium. It does not represent the opinion of the EC nor is the EC responsible for any use that might be made of the information appearing herein.


Project Presentations 
SKEMA Project Overview.pdf

Project News 
01 March 11
Skema & Props Workshop Dublin 2011

The SKEMA/ PROPS Workshop “Economic Recovery through Trade & Transport’ was held in Dublin Port Company, Ireland on 1st March 2011.
01 July 10
e-Maritime Stakeholder Conference Brussels

This conference will end the public consultation period for the e-Maritime initiative. The Commissi...
04 January 10
Copenhagen Workshop 18 February 2010

“Sailing Through Troubled Waters” - Financing opportunities in the recovery; - European Policies ...
17 June 09
Impact of IMO sulphur limits

DGTREN initiates Impact Study of the future requirements of Annex VI of the MARPOL Convention on Sh...






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